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Fondo Antico Nene Nero d'Avola 2021

Fondo Antico Nene Nero d'Avola 2021

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 Italy - Region: Sicily

Long-lasting, fresh and fruity with strong hints of cherry and red fruits

We grow it at 200 meters above sea level on fresh soil, with a fair amount of limestone and sand. This is how we got a leafy Nero d'Avola vine with juicy violet-shaded berries. The resulting wine is called Nenè, like the protagonist of the story “Il Mare Colore Del Vino” by Leonardo Sciascia

It is so pleasant to drink that we have worked to make it a resourceful all-rounder that goes well with both meat and fish, especially if enriched with Mediterranean spices. Since it is a red wine, it is also made to cleanse the palate and make it ready for another bite... and another sip. 

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