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Cascina Chicco Rocche Di Castelletto Barolo 2019

Cascina Chicco Rocche Di Castelletto Barolo 2019

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Italy - Region: Piedmont

On the nose, this wine is elegant, with complex notes of raspberry, licorice, and spices.

It is full-bodied, powerful, and balanced by the sweetness of the tannins that characterize its lasting impression on the palate.

During harvest, which is done manually by specialized vineyard workers, particular attention is given to the grape sorting. Each plant is harvested twice with a period of 6- 10 days in between. Fermentation lasts 15 days and happens in small, stainless steel tanks with repeated pumping-over for adequate color extraction.

This is a great wine to pair with important, flavorful meals, like meat roasts and cheeses (best if aged).

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